HVAM Technology

High Volume Additive Manufacturing (HVAM) is the EoPlex core technology and manufacturing process built on proprietary ceramic, metal, and polymer composite "inks." Specialized equipment created to work with this process enables cost-efficient, high volume production of functional production parts. The ability to print with multi-material inks creates working advanced components with integrated features that do not require post processing. This clean technology is especially beneficial for industries with strict size, cost, and performance requirements, ranging from semiconductor packaging to IOT, fluidic, energy harvesting devices, and more. HVAM requires minimal tooling. As an added benefit, there is no etching or plating required. This is a true manufacturing innovation that is beneficial to customers and the environment.

Core Competences and Capabilities

Material Development

Development of unique organic, inorganic, and space-holding fugitive materials for use with volume 3D manufacturing tools that allow precision open volumes in closed structures for advanced applications such as loop heat pipes and flow chemistry.

Multi-Material Systems

Development of multi-material systems processed simultaneously with 3D manufacturing techniques to form complex devices difficult or impossible to produce with conventional manufacturing techniques.

Equipment and Tools

Development of 3D manufacturing tools and equipment enabling creation of complex, multi-material structures, with precise control of internal and external properties.

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