CSI Manufacturing Platform

csi manufacturing

The Configurable Sintered Interconnect (CSI) manufacturing platform is based EoPlex's High Volume Additive Manufacturing (HVAM) process technology, and is an innovation that meets market demand for smaller, high performance components in the mobile, IOT, and advanced device space. The CSI platform is a flexible manufacturing process technology suitable for any applications requiring low profile, small footprint, lightweight, and high performance packages.

Significant improvements are achieved through the printing of packaging components on a stainless steel carrier which is removed after assembly and testing. The printing process enables an ultra-thin package, enabling the use of QFN processing with packages that otherwise require bulky and more expensive technologies such as QFP or BGA. There is also potential for use in SiP, for select applications.

Quality and Reliability

The CSI Platform is a high-volume process platform for the production of ultra-thin, small footprint, high-performance semiconductor packaging. The process and products manufactured with this platform have passed the following tests to provide the best in performance and reliability to our customers and partners:


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