CSI Products

Traditional leadframe QFN packages are practical for certain applications, but require tie bars that increase total footprint and size. Other options such as advanced QFN require etching or plating, which adds cost and is not environmentally friendly. EoPlex's CSI products offer cost, size, and performance enhancements over existing traditional and advanced QFN leadframe, and BGA packages. Significant improvements are achieved through the printing of packaging components on a temporary stainless steel carrier which is removed after assembly and testing. This also allows for not only a thinner package and smaller footprint, but enables the use of QFN processing with devices that otherwise require bulky and more expensive technologies such as QFP or BGA. There is also potential for use in SiP, for select applications. EoPlex offers a variety of products shown below to meet the needs of customers with size, cost, and performance requirements. Preliminary Product Briefs are currently available for the Razor, Extreme and Power products. For more information, contact EoPlex at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

product Chart I15b