Michael Loh Soon Gnee, CEO

Loh has a distinguished career in the semiconductor industry. He brings more than 33 years of knowledge and experience in wafer fabrication, research and development, assembly, testing, and distribution of semiconductor products. Having spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley, Loh has abundant practical business experience and a vast network of contacts in the semiconductor industry. He is the Executive Chairman and CEO of Singapore Mainboard-listed ASTI Holdings Ltd., Dragon Group International Ltd., and SGX-Catalist-listed Advanced Systems Automation Ltd.

Philip Rogren, VP of Product Development

Phillip Rogren has over 30 years of semiconductor and interconnect experience and joined EoPlex in 2005 as VP of Sales and Marketing. As VP of Product Development, he is the creative driver behind new product development, advanced research and development, and patents. Prior roles include VP of Marketing and Sales at Shellcase, where he was instrumental in adapting the Shellcase wafer level packaging technology as a premier packaging vehicle for CCD and CMOS cameras. Phillip has also held management positions at Nexus, Hestia Technologies, Alcoa Electronic Packaging, and Microelectronic Packaging, Inc. He holds a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Washington.

Roslan Bin Affandi, VP of Asia Operations

Roslan Bin Affandi joined EoPlex in 2012 and is responsible for Asia manufacturing operations. He has over 30 years of experience in leadframe, connector, substrate, and interposer manufacturing. Prior to joining EoPlex, he was the Vice President of a Singaporean substrate manufacturing company.