EoPlex has moved to a new location effective June 8, 2015. Please see below for updated contact information. 

1321 Ridder Park Drive, Suite #10, San Jose, CA 95131 • Phone: (408) 638-5100 • Fax: (408) 638-5101


Printing the Future of Packaging

The EoPlex CSI Manufacturing Platform represents a unique, and disruptive technology in IC packaging. This platform enables cost effective, low profile, high performance 3D-printed package components for use in the manufacture of traditional QFN packages which can replace QFP and high pin count BGA packages, and be used in advanced stacked and multi-die SiP applications. The CSI platform and related products meet the rigorous requirements of packages for use in mobile applications such as smartphones, wearables, laptops, and more. Contact us to learn more.

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