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High Performance, Cost Effective Molded Array Package Substrate

This White Paper discusses a new packaging family that combines the manufacturing efficiencies of QFN with greater design flexibility and performance than BGAs and QFPs. In addition, the molded array package (MAP) substrate simplifies assembly flow and enables test in the strip prior to singulation. EoPlex's unique print forming processes and advanced materials combine to create a MAP substrate that is more cost effective and is also very environmentally friendly in both its manufacture and use. EoPlex wishes to thank Pierangelo Magni, Mark Shaw and Maura Mazzola of STMicroelectronics for contributing their perspective

Solving “The Last Milli-Mile” Problem in Vehicle Safety; The EoPlex Approach to Powering Wireless Tire Pressure Sensors

This White Paper discusses an EoPlex device that helps measure the crucial metric of tire performance and safety. This Paper covers a comprehensive field of challenges associated with TPS system development; and it explains battery limitations and owner dissatisfaction with battery replacement. Finally, this Paper explains the piezoelectric effect as the optimal candidate for energy harvesting to power TPS systems.

High-Volume Print Forming, HVPF™ A New Method for Manufacturing Large Volumes of Complex Metal-Ceramic and Hybrid Components

The company’s proprietary print-forming technology can produce large volumes of three-dimensional structures from a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials. The EoPlex process is called High Volume Print-Forming™ (HVPF™). It allows for thousands of small, complex structures to be built simultaneously.

“Spatial Forming” A Three Dimensional Printing Process

A three-dimensional printing process which we call “spatial forming” has been conceived and demonstrated as a method of manufacturing. This process combines several technologies to generate solid metallic microstructures from fine powder. By varying the pattern of the printed images as the layering process progresses, one could change the cross sectional geometry of the structures to form more complex shapes or assemblies.

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